Grant Writers Directory

The CVNA in cojunction with Hawkeye Community College, are collaborating together to offer members access to freelance grant proposal writers.

Note:  CVNA makes no guarantees about the amount of work provided to individuals who express an interest in proviing assistance with grant proposals in a contractual basis.  CVNA also does not confirm information about grant writing experience or areas of expertise.  This information is being provided to CVNA partners as a courtesy only.  Both CVNA and our partners do not endorse grant writers.  It is the responsibility of each applicant organization to request work samples, verify letters of references and/or potential as part of the hiring process.  

Name                                        Email Address                       Areas of Expertise

Constance Grimm         Arts, Capital Campaigns,                                                                                                        Community Development, Environment,                                                                                                 Health, International, Social Services

Sunni Kegebein                       Capital Campaigns, Community                                                                                                            Development, Housing

Katherine Ollendleck                Arts, Capital Campaigns,                                                                                                                        Community Development

Bruce Meisinger  Community  Development,                                                                                                         Health, International, Social Services

Tarelle Hoskins                         Health and Social Services

Sondra Prochaska    Community Development,                                                                                                                      Environment

Margaret Vandergriff   Capital Campaigns, Community                                                                                              Development, Environment, Social Services